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The Athletic Club Centre Equestre was established in 1986.Our goal was to build a place where anyone could learn to ride, have opportunities to improve and to be able to compete in equestrian events.Today, the club is a reality and on behalf of the members and staff, my friends and I welcome you to our site! We have very good boarding facilities. We offer a complete service, everything from feeding and washing the horse to grooming and pre-vet care. We also have a four-horse trailer that enables us to move about to shows and exciting trail rides.We welcome all horse lovers! Whether you are a rider, an instructor, a course designer, a judge or a club director , we would love to have you among us.Shows are an integral part of our program. Our competitions are essential in that they provide our riders and staff opportunities to evaluate performance and to determine what in the plan is working and what is not. We believe and we teach that competition is first and foremost a means to measure progress to date, and that our shows celebrate the gathering of horses, riders and friends.Friends from many different countries have joined us and we truly share a great time.Our philosophy is that a champion is determined by a score, where as a winner is determined by an attitude. We offer private and group lessons We cater to all riders ! We are as comfortable with beginners as we are with advanced riders. We are equally excited by dressage riders as we are by jumpers. We welcome young riders as well as senior riders.The vast majority of our horses are thoroughbreds that have been purchased off-the-track in the United States or in the Dominican Republic. Several of our locally trained horses have won national tittles. Our staff is ready, willing and able to assist in preparing a horse for basic dressage and jumping.In order to maintain the motivation of our riders and staff it is important to periodically organize instructional clinics and seminars.Our guests stay at the Kinam Hotel. It is terrific!The hotel is a remodeled Victorian Gingerbread-style mansion located high above Port-au-Prince in Petion-Ville. All thirty eight charming rooms and three luxury master suites are attractively decorated, spotlessly clean, air conditioned, provided with color TV and modern telephones with direct local and international access.General Store If we don't have it, we can get it! Saddles, Bridles & Accessories, Irons, Bits, & Spurs, Whips & Crops, Saddle Pads, Boots & Apparel, Grooming & Stable Equipment. The French and Creole cuisine is out of this world. Sport is an integral part of every culture. It is essential to the development of the human mind, body & spirit. Equestrian Sport in particular is exhilarating, challenging and fulfilling. Our mission is to educate our members in the science and art of riding and horsemanship. The ACCE is committed to offering a learning process that emphasizes safety and that stresses the fundamentals. We provide our members with safe facilities, proper instruction and ample opportunities to improve their riding skills and to develop themselves as horse people. We strive to ensure the success of each person by providing support and promoting excellence in all our activities. We focus on goals that are achievable and affordable.The ACCE offers members and guests an approach to horses, horsemanship, horse care and equestrian competition that is enjoyable. The Krezi Horse Cafe, where the food is good, the drink cold and the people warm. The cafe is the place to grab a bite without missing any of the action! Sponsors make it happen!Success is measured by one's commitment to the pursuit of excellence. In sports, medals, trophies and ribbons are won through the hard work and determination of the individuals that win them, and through the encouragement of all those that assist them in their training and participation. patrick chemaly